#CreatureSighting Reports: Timeline of Events

October 20, 2014

After the police failed to take my evidence seriously, I turned to you all to help me track The Creature. Thanks to you, we are working towards an accurate mapping of his actions after escaping the lab at ESU. Below are reports that circulated across social media of creature sightings that occurred between the timeline of October 7th – October 15th.

October 7th, 8:03 pm:

@thelbhuff reports possible sighting on campus. This would mean that The Creature was still in the area surrounding ESU a week after his escape. If this is the case, and he became familiar with the campus, why did he eventually leave? Did a resource become unavailable? Was there an altercation that he fled from?

@VFrankMD Saw a figure limping around campus earlier with a bandage on his head. Looked like he headed toward the woods.#creaturesighting

October 7th:

Report of possible sighting in home from ataleoffiction on Tumblr. While the same day as the above tweet, it is unclear whether this incident occurred before or after he fled from ESU. This could either be the inciting incident, or the response. Either way, he’s evidently started acting with intention and coordination.

The caption reads:

“Saw a hospital patient break into my kitchen, trying to steal my yogurt. I hit him with a broom and scared him off, but now I feel bad since I saw all the bandages and stitches he had on him. I need to trick someone into cleaning this mess up for me.”

Saw a hospital patient break into my kitchen, trying to steal my yogurt.  I hit him with a broom and scared him off, but now I feel bad since I saw all the bandages and stitches he had on him.

October 7th-9th:

Multiple animal attacks reported. Reports in mainstream media of mysterious animal attacks. Both cases have been eliminated based on further evidence from the police.

animal reports

October 8th, 6:59 am:

Sara Strauss reports a possible sighting on the streets. Based on research I will not disclose, I’ve determined that Sara lives close enough to ESU for this report to be plausible. But the distance suggests that he is moving north. This account of direct confrontation with numerous people is troubling, given his history of self-imposed isolation.

#CreatureSpotted: Walking down the street with no shirt with his arm in the air, grunting at people. It looks like he really wants a high five.

October 9th:

The mainstream media finally begins to take notice. GeekyNews highlights some social media reports.


October 10th, 6:18 pm:

@evanafter reports an incident that occurred the day of Rory’s attack. He’s clearly growing more violent, as he is now chasing complete strangers.

@VFrankMD biking home I was chased by a guy w dirty bandages on his head. I shined my headlight in his face and he ran off #CreatureSighting

October 11th, 10:56 pm:

If we take the reports from October 7th and 10th under account, this report from @sunnysophy demonstrates an important behavioral shift in the Creature. I want to believe that he was somehow affected by Rory’s death… but there is not enough evidence to draw that conclusion. From the information we have, though, it is clear that he’s returned to being skittish and unapproachable.

I saw someone in my backyard. I asked if he needed help and he just ran away. Strange #CreatureSighting

October 15th, 3:03 pm:

@Phantom_Oracle catches a valuable piece of evidence in Rory’s last tweet, dated October 9th – one day before the attack. Could this be the creature spotted? Was he watching Rory, biding his time until he could get her alone?  We may never know.

.@WanderingRory 's last tweet pic. Is it me or is there a figure above that waterfall? #RIPRory #CreatureSighting

Thanks to everyone for all of your support and taking these incidents seriously. I will continue to keep you updated on the status of this investigation. In the meantime, please be safe.


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